How does AdGames work?

Create your own mobile advergame in minutes. It's simple, yet effective!


Register an account

Use your e-mail address as login and set password.


Customize your game

Use AdGames mobile game creator to customize your game.

Upload your brand logo, images and sounds

Generate your game

Select the platform that your game should be available on. With AdGames mobile game creator your can make iOS games, Android games and online web games. Then settle the payment.

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Watch players' engagement.

Increase your brand awareness.

Advertise your products.

Send direct messages to your players.

Award your players with real-life prizes.

Measure the engagement of your players.

Analyze game success through built-in statistics

Select game type

Select game type. Then try out our sets of predefined assets to check if the chosen game type suits your needs - your brand, product, customers.

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Preview your game

Preview your game in your web browser before it is released to App Store, Google Play or any proprietary app store.

Mobile game preview

Launch your game

Once you get your own advergame generated, it is time to place it on Google Play, App Store or on your website.

Build mobile games for multiple platforms

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