Frequently Asked Questions

AdGames will help you create an advergame for your brand

1. What do the themes include and can they be modified?

The themes can be easily altered. Each of them includes an appropriate set of graphics and colors to facilitate the process of game designing.

2. Where do I enter the name of the game?

You can enter the name for your game in the Welcome screen creator. The name you have chosen will also appear in the appstores: AppStore (iOS) as well as Google Play (Android)

3. Do I need to have an AppStore account in order to launch an iOS game?

Yes, you are required to have your own AppStore account. To release your game to the AppStore, you need to create a game certificate and a mobileprovision in your Apple account and send these to our server. These files are necessary to generate your game. This allows you to be identified as the game owner.

4. How can advergames help me build my brand?

In-game content marketing becomes a very important part of the marketing strategy for many businesses.

5. Is “score sharing” in the game really so important?

It is crucial! Remember, your existing customers may have friends and acquaintances who are interested in your product or service. By providing them with the sharing functionality, you can easily reach your target audience.

6. Why does there appears in the games generated the water mark „Created by AdGames”?

All the games that are generated contain the water mark „Created with AdGames”. This marking in no way affects the enjoyment and takes up a very small amount of space on the game screen. This is a form of self-promotion for our games creator, thanks to which the price of all the games created is so low. If you wish to publish a game without the appearance of this water mark or if you wish to introduce other changes into the game then please contact us using the form provided.

7. What kind of businesses can benefit from advergames?

All manner of B2C companies can benefit from advergames. If you are an apparel retailer, run a restaurant, or provide services, you can use gamification to raise your brand awareness, engage your existing customers and gain new ones.

8. How can I tailor an advergame to my brand or product?

Customizing an advergame is fast and can be done in a few easy steps. After you log in to the game design panel you will be asked to upload images of your brand or product.

9. Do I need to have any game or software development skills to create a game in AdGames?

No, absolutely not! With our game wizard, you can build Android and iOS games without any special skills. The only thing you need is to upload all necessary items to our system and follow the instructions. Your game will be ready to use within minutes. No coding, no hassle, no special skills or know-how.

10. How can I be sure that my advergame is effective?

Each game includes built-in statistics that can be accessed from the AdGames panel. You can use them to see how many players are engaged in your game, how often they play it, and where do they come from.

If you cannot find your questions in FAQ, please send us a message!