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Customize advergame welcome screen

With AdGames mobile game maker you will be able to place your ads in best spots throughout the game

Game loading screen is a perfect place for players to see your brand for the first time. Customize the background, menu and pause screen so that your brand is exposed to your customers during the game.

Benefit from content marketing by uploading your own game elements

Whatever your product is – chocolates, clothes or electronics, whatever your brand is – just local or international, upload your own graphic elements or sounds so that your customers could play with them. It will be fun for them and gain for you.

Customize advergame background
Customize advergame menu

Use your own naming scheme for game elements so that your customers will immerse in the world of your products.

Name in-game achievements, ranks and game levels so that they match your products. As a result, players will be even more exposed to your brand, they will identify themselves with it and finally may become your brand evangelists.

Advergames are ideal to spread viral messages

Your advergame players, like all game players, will love to share their fun. AdGames support viral marketing. Players can publish their achievements directly on social networking services, they can invite friends to the game as well as compare their achievements on the global scoreboard. It will help in the process of your brand building with no substantial effort on your part.

Customize advergame pause screen
Customize advergame info screen

Award your players with real-life prizes

Playing mobile games is fun, being awarded for virtual achievements offline is even more so! By awarding your players with real-life prizes, you encourage them to engage with your game - and, as a result, with your content and marketing messages - more often. With the built-in AdGames features you can easily award both your best players and the players who are the first to reach a certain goal

Send direct messages to your players

Sending marketing messages to everyone is not cost-effective and might be considered spam. Ideally, you should only reach out to those people who are interested in engaging with your brand or product. Players who already had a positive interaction with your brand are more likely to become your loyal customers. By including the „send direct message to your players” feature in the mobile game, AdGames allows you to reach your target audience.

Customize advergame prizes icons

Create a mobile game that will amaze your target audience

See which elements may be modified

Spread viral messages

Text content

Message your players by editing the application content

Add your brand's graphics

Graphic files

Personalize your game

Add your own music

Sound files

Add your own soundtrack to the game

Use in-game advertising


Increase your sales by showing ads during the game

Add company colors


Create a game matching your brand image


...and many more
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